Beginner Calisthenics Workout Routine


Calisthenics is a style of working out that uses primarly, and almost entirely, body weight exercises. It’s a way to master body control and strength, in a very pure way. You can use calisthenics to build strength, endurance, muscle mass, and flexibility. A beginner calisthenics workout routine will quickly build your body and help you …

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Parallel Bar Dips Benefits – Do You Even Need Them?

No matter what kind of training you prefer; calisthenics, bands and dumbbells, free weights, or home gym machines, you can still benefit from doing dips on the parallel bars. Dips are a great way to build upper body strength and muscle, in your shoulders, arms and lower chest. To put more focus in your triceps, …

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What Are Calisthenics

What Are Calisthenics

Have you ever heard of calisthenics? Have you known anyone who really uses and maintains peak physical fitness year round, and you probably wondered how in the world is this possible? So what are calisthenics? Would you like to get in the best shape of your life, without joining a gym, without buying an in-home …

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Exercise Bikes For Seniors – Best In 2018 Buyers Guide

Exercise Bikes For Seniors

Biking is a fantastic way to get exercise. It’s low impact, and yields high results. The more effort you put in, the more benefit you get out, and with virtually no aches from repetitive impact like you would get from jogging, or sports. Exercise bikes for seniors is a hot topic this year and I …

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Pull Ups – Move Them To The Top Of Your Priority List

Pull Ups

Remember pull ups in gym class? They sucked. There were hard, and nobody like doing them. But truth be told, this is one of the absolute BEST exercises you can master. The pull up is a compound exercise. That means it works multiple large muscle groups. This is opposed to an isolation exercise, which focuses …

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